Where Did the Zodiac Signs Come From?

When everyone was born, they are automatically guarded by a specific constellation in the sky. But, have you ever asked “where did the Zodiac signs come from” to find out their origin? According to many sources online, the astrologers developed the idea of the Zodiac over 2,000 years ago. Normally, they observed the movements as well as the changing position of stars associated with the change in seasons. Most of the astrologers believe that the zodiac elements influence people’s lives, and from the ancient times, they collected the information that’s in the relation to the Zodiac to draw a chart, known as ‘Horoscope’.

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This chart is still used nowadays since it can supposedly unveil the character or future of an individual. Feel free to get your Zodiac sign dates and meanings! As researched, the Zodiac includes 12 separate sun signs, and each of them is called with a different name. The astrologers also believe that every sign gets its characteristic traits at least from one planet (ruling planet). For instance, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter.

Astrology – The Origin of Zodiac

Where Did the Zodiac Signs Come From?

The derivation of the word ‘zodiac’ is from Greek words – ζoδιακός or zōdiakos – described the circle of twelve 30° divisions of solar longitude that are centered on the ecliptic (the Sun’s path). In astrology, this word also has a meaning – that’s, the ‘circle of animals’. The earliest of times, the Zodiac calendar has been utilized to forecast or reflect people’s characteristics or personal traits. It slowly moved from the Chinese, Indus Valley, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, to other culture, echoing the ancient philosophy – as aboveso below. That’s what we call ‘astrology’ today!

So, what’s the real purpose of this astrology field? In its broadest sense, this area allows you all to search for the real you in the heaven. As you may know, the Greeks possibly inherited the knowledge of Zodiac from Mesopotamians (who learned from the Sumerians). Yet, there was not any evidence proving the heavenly constellations in art or culture at that period.

Besides the original Zodiac, many countries created their own Zodiac based on the main working system of the old one. The two most outstanding star-sign tables that’s popular with most people, not including the original chart – the Hindu Zodiac and the Chinese Zodiac.

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