Astrological Signs And Dates

Some fascinating mysteries around the Sun, Moon and Rising signs

It is believed the Sun, Moon and Rising signs are the powerful points of our astrological chart. After understanding definition of these special signs, we are absolutely able to get a general overview of our personality traits.

Astrological Signs And Dates

The Sun sign: indicates our basic characteristics, dreams, ambitions and our innermost emotions about ourselves.
The Moon sign: indicates our emotional personality, our views on love life and emotional responses to some tough challenges in life.
The Rising sign: indicates the face we wear in public, how other people see us and our Astrological Mask.

In brief, these signs will aid us in realizing who we are, what we feel and how we appear.

Some things we should know about Astrological Signs and Dates

Every day, before going to the company, some of us will get into the habit of reading our daily horoscope so that we can know what is possible to happen to us for that day. To get our own horoscope, it will be extremely necessary for us to identify what our Zodiac sign is based on our birth date first. Consult this chart below if you want to know the name of your sign and its symbol.

Table 1

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