The Five Element of Chinese Astrology

The Five Element of Chinese Astrology (known as Fire Movements, Five Phrases, Five Steps, or Wu Xing) consists of 5 major elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. In daily life, these factors were regarded as the basic foundation of everything in the universe and natural phenomena. Even though each of them has its different characters, none is able to survive on its own as all are created by one another and depended on each other. In general, it has to rely on one of the other elements. In Chinese astrology, there are 2 main cycles providing information for the strengths and weaknesses of each movement – the Generating (Production) cycle and the Regulating (Controlling) cycle.

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The Characteristics of the Five Elements

The Five Element of Chinese Astrology
  • Metal (Jin) means the ‘righteousness‘. It represents the longevity, abortion, dangers, difficulties, life span, and dead end.
  • Wood (Mu) means the ‘benevolence‘. This factor indicates the fate, nobleness, lowliness, as well as representing the luxurious, brilliant, blooming, extractive, and flourishing traits.
  • Fire (Huo) means ‘propriety‘. It’s the symbol of strength, power, influence, softness, intense, or bravery of a person.
  • Water (Shui) means ‘wisdom‘. The Water shows the talent and intelligence of an individual. It also represents the brightness, accuracy, and aptitude in life.
  • Earth (Tu) means ‘honesty‘. This element pronounces the status, like rich or poor, and indicates the birth and growth of everything in the universe.

Similar to the conception, gestation, birth, and nurture relationship between a mother and a baby, the Generating Interaction of the Chinese elements is described as the forming, fuelling, carrying, and feeding progress between two factors. Such these pairs are deeply attacked, and together, they can imply success and fortune. For instance, normally, Metal generates Water, Water feeds Wood, Wood forms Fire, Fire creates Earth, and Earth contains Metal.

What’s about the Overcoming Interaction (the destruction)? Whenever the act of hostility appears between two sides in the interaction of the five elements, it means they’re not compatible with each other. For instance, Metal chops Wood, Wood separates Earth, Earth absorbs Water, Water stifles Fire, and Fire melts Metal.

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