When Did the Zodiac Signs Change?

Guess what? Here comes the surprising news for all of you – astrological signs are almost WRONG as there are some mistakes in the movements of the Moon and the Sun. When did the Zodiac signs change? Be calm and take spare time discovering the serious matter in this article.

When Did the Zodiac Signs Change?

According to the BBC Reports, over 86% chances proving that we were born under a different star sign than you think. For instance, if you think you’re an Aquarius, well, you may be not. What are happening? Sounds unbelievable, but it’s actually true. The reason causing this problem occurred is – the astrological calendar has failed in updating as a person in relation to the constellations has changed. In fact, the dates of Zodiac signs were created over 2,000 years ago. Later, the stars have shifted and affected on the Moon and the Sun at the unknown time.

What’s Your Real Sun Sign?

Since now, we’re living in the direction of wrong sign, so people become craving to work out what their star sign really is. Luckily, with the latest Zodiac sign dates online (developed by BBC), you can partially answer your curiosity. Essentially, the following information is how the real dates behind each sun sign split. Take a look below:

  • Sagittarius – from December 19 to January 20
  • Capricorn – from January 21 to February 16
  • Aquarius – from February 17 to March 12
  • Pisces – from March 13 to April 18
  • Aries – from April 19 to May 14
  • Taurus – from May 15 to June 21
  • Gemini – from June 22 to July 20
  • Cancer – from July 21 to August 10
  • Leo – from August 11 to September 16
  • Virgo – from September 17 to October 31
  • Libra – from November 1 to November 23
  • Scorpio – from November 24 to November 29

Not end of that, the BBC News also points out the appearance of a new star sign – a 13th Zodiac astrological sign – that’s called Ophiuchus. It’s predicted that some ancient astrologers might leave out this one to let the 360° path of the Sun to be divided into 12 parts (each of 30°).

When did the Zodiac signs change? Read this article to find out more about the changes of your own constellation. Contact us for further information!

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